Noon: UK paperback

A atish Taseer has written a grave and elliptical book about the subcontinent's shifting social structures over the past two decades. Noon illuminates in bursts episodes from the life of Rehan Tabassum...The story is a queasily gripping examination of an India "whose worst nature was hidden from herself." -- Sunday Times

However hard it might be to remain one, he is an engrossing and gifted writer. Pakistan (or any other country) needs the subtle view of its best novelists and writers more than ever. -- GQ

The plot of Taseer's second novel is not complex, but it is layered. Underscoring it all is his understanding of class and culture in India and Pakistan, and their relationships with Britain. As violence erupts, we see the fault lines in Indian and P...


The Temple-goers

The Introduction
Ram Khilavan